Coaching Training& Development


Practical Ministry Skills Training for parents, teachers, pastors, & mentors! 

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"People who take this workshop see significant advancements in their ministry impact,

while seeing their stress and busy-ness go down.


Coaching skills will increase your effectiveness in your various ministry and leadership roles.
It is not a new program for your church or another thing to add to your already busy schedule.


It is an approach to doing ministry. It is a way of leading.

Like it did for me, it may save you time to minister in these ways."  -Keith Webb

After the 3-day intensive workshop you will be able to:

  • Listen actively so others feel understood.

  • Ask powerful questions that initiate a change of thinking.

  • Generate feedback that avoids defensiveness.

  • Design action steps that will actually be accomplished.

  • Follow-up to increase learning and accountability.

In addition, the program will cover:

  • Naturally using the COACH Model®.

  • Adopting the mindsets of transformational leaders.

  • How to integrate coaching skills into your leadership roles.

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