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Click on the image below to watch a short, 2-minute video to find out what the Cerny Smith Assessment will do for you:

The CernySmith Assessment (CSA) is an online, 78-item self-discovery & coaching assessment which takes 15 minutes to complete.

The CSA helps answer three basic questions:
  • How am I doing?

  • What can I learn?

  • What can I do?

The CSA measures...

     ...the impact of change/stress on your productivity & resilience 


The CSA helps...

     ...identify current strength and challenge areas & patterns in these three areas of your life:


  • Work Management,

  • Relationship Management, and

  • Self Management.

Upon submission and payment, you will be emailed instructions & your one-time CSA code to take the assessment. Once you complete the CSA, the results will be emailed to you for you to print off or download.

If you add a 90-minute coaching session to help you process the results, a link to schedule this session will also be included in the email.

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Invest in the Cerny Smith Assessment
and the accompanying
90-minute Coaching Session Option

For those who are current or retired SIM missionaries, the CSA is free of charge. You will only pay for an additional coaching session if you choose to add this to your CSA.

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